As an initial step we would like to give a brief overview of our terminology and wording. All apps offered are based on a single technical platform: our AI-Agents. As you may have already guessed AI is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence. Therefore we subsequently will often use the term AI-Agents.

To ensure that our AI-Agents can support you appropriately we have establish a connect between your Salesforce instance and our AI-Agents.

This connection is established via the internet, i.e. via proven API end-points provided by Salesforce.

API itself stands for Application Programming Interfaces. It allows us to directly access single information within your Salesforce instance and to edit/process them accordingly. 

In order to use API end-points it is necessary that you set up a so called „Connected App” in your Salesforce instance.

Setting up a Connected App for AI-Agents

step-by-step guide

Step 1: Create a Connected App!

Navigate in the Setup >> Platform Tools >> Apps >> App manager

Click the button:


Step 2: Basic Information

Please complete the fields as follows:


Now click on the „Save“Button. The „Connected App“is now created.

Step 3: Access data

In order to communicate with the newly created “ConnectedApp“ we need both the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secrect. You receive both on the overview page of the just created  „ConnectedApp“ by clicking on the menu at the end of the line.


On the overview page you can find these information below the menu item API (Enable OAuth Settings).

Step 4: Give us the access data:

As soon as you have completed the previous mentioned steps, please let us know by email (

Now we only need the access data for the AI-Agents. To do this, please go to the AI-Agents dashboard at and navigate to the menu item Customizing --> Access Data. Please complete all mandatory fields accordingly.

Please do not send us these access data by email at any time!

Step 5: Provision of AI-Agents

Within 48 hours the AI agent is at your disposal.

Step 6: You are done!

Our AI-Agents can now communicate with your Salesforce instance.

You can now proceed with the Customize Case Enrichment App for Salesforces – Document based machine learning guide.