As an initial step we would like to give a brief overview of our terminology and wording. All apps offered are based on a single technical platform: our AI-Agents. As you may have already guessed AI is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence. Therefore we subsequently will often use the term AI-Agents.

To ensure that our AI-Agents can support you appropriately we need a user within your Freshdesk instance.

User set-up for our AI-Agent's

step-by-step guide

Step 1: User set-up!

Please set up a new user for our AI-Agents just the way you normally do. In case you have ordered several AI-Agents one user is sufficient.

Please check the tasks and related user rights and user roles you want to transfer to the AI-Agents. Now  you can carry out the corresponding set-up.

We will provide you with the necessary email address for our AI-Agent. You can find it on the order confirmation. The email address follows the convention ( e.g.

Step 2: Info to

Now it’s our turn. 

With receiving Freshdesk’s confirmation mail of a new user in Freshdesk we will correspondingly set-up the new user with a password and collect the API Token. 

The API Token is necessary to set-up an API connection.

Step 3: You’re done!

The new Freshdesk User for your AI-Agents is now ready to go!

You can now proceed with the How to install AI-Agent's for Freshdesk guide: