As an initial step we would like to give a brief overview of our terminology and wording. All apps offered are based on a single technical platform: our AI-Agents. As you may have already guessed AI is the acronym for Artificial Intelligence. Therefore we subsequently will often use the term AI-Agents.

To ensure that our AI-Agents can support you appropriately we need a user within your Freshdesk instance.

Our AI-Agents are ready to support you!

step-by-step guide

Step 1: Commissioning

You have a ticket and you want an AI-Agent to support you with that? And your AI-Agent is already taught-in regarding the issue in question?

No problem!

The only thing you need to do is to transmit the ticket owner (case owner) to the AI-Agent as the owner. Save and done!


Step 2: Processing

Every 30 seconds an AI-Agents checks if there are new tickets to be edited/processed. If this is the case the AI-Agent automatically starts with the corresponding processing. Depending on the issue/task and the effort the processing takes a few seconds up to several minutes.

Step 3: Closing

As soon as the AI-Agent has processed all necessary steps the ticket is set to “closed”.

It is also possible that the AI-Agent only does preparatory work on a ticket, e.g., document recognition and enrichment of the ticket system with the obtained information from the document (Ticket Enrichment). Subsequently, the AI-Agent transfers the ticket to a human clerk for final processing.

No matter what form of processing you prefer; we will be happy to support you with its implementation!