First, we would like to give you a short introduction to the understanding of our wording and terminology. All our offered apps are based on a single technical platform – our so-called AI-Agents. AI-Agent stands for Artificial Intelligence Agent. So, in the following, we will frequently use the term AI-Agents.

Our pricing model basically follows the common „Software as a Service “(SaaS)- pricing model that is into existence for many years now. As a customer of a SaaS model, you do not have to:

  • make any investments.
  • operate the system by yourself.
  • carry out maintenances, updates, etc.


In short, you rent our solution and save hundreds of thousands of euros of annual costs that would normally occur. According to your requirements (period, amount, capacity) you can simply hire our AI-Agents just like temporary workers.

As a company we aim at supporting our customers in an easy-to-understand and targeted way. Therefore, we have engineered and made available our AI-Agents comparable to temporary workers that are at the disposal of our customers for a certain number of hours per day.

Our AI-Agents support our customers on a subscription base of 4, 8, 12, 18 or 24 hours per calendar day.

The working hours of our AI-Agents do not have to be necessarily allocated to a fix time framework (e.g., from 08:00 -12:00) but can be flexibly used over the day according to your individual needs.

You can task our A-Agents by assigning it a ticket you want to be processed. The processing itself will then begin within a few seconds. 

Our AI-Agents clock in and clock out their working hours exactly in the same way your personnel time recording does. Depending on the complexity of the tickets to be processed an AI-Agent might sometimes need less and sometimes more time to resolve the corresponding issue.

The time recording is carried out on an accurate per second basis.

As soon as our AI-Agent reaches his daily target working hours the task currently being processed is completed. After that, the work for this calendar day is automatically terminated. On the following calendar day and in case of existing orders, the AI-Agents takes up its work punctually at 0:01 hours.

Note: Time quota that have not been used within a calendar time cannot be transferred to the following working day nor reimbursed.

By making our Artificial Intelligence available we support companies improving their competitiveness and to advance to lasting and sustainable success. Our AI-Agents take over repetitive and monotone routine tasks so that the working environment for employees is made more attractive and more diversified. 

Therefore, our aim is to provide our AI-Agents with a cost advantage of at least 30% compared to similar personnel employment costs.

Besides this directly measurable cost advantage you also benefit from a time advantage as our AI-Agents’ processing time is 6-time faster than is the working speed of its counterpart of flesh and blood.


What are the specific costs of an AI-Agent?

A subscription for 2 working hours per calendar day for a for a one-month term costs 990.00 EUR.

A subscription for 4 working hours per calendar day for a for a one-month term costs 1,890.00 EUR.

A subscription for 8 working hours per calendar day for a one-month term costs 2,890.00 EUR.

A subscription for 12 working hours per calendar day for a one-month term costs 3,890.00 EUR.

A subscription for18 working hours per calendar day for a one-month term costs 4,890.00 EUR.

A subscription for 24 working hours per calendar day for a one-month term costs 5,890.00 EUR.


What about the garantueed cost advantage of 30%?

With our offer and AI-Agents’ pricing model we promote a fairer and clearer pricing for all countries (high-income as well as low-wage countries) as well as for all professional groups. Therefore, if you operate in/from a country with comparably lower personnel costs than the list prices we charge, we kindly ask you for a corresponding verification of your actual personnel costs. 

We will be happy to provide you with a corresponding form upon request through our local office in your region.


If we agree to your calculation, we will permanently reduce your subscription costs accordingly for your concerned customer number.

Code of Conduct: Sustainability as we understand it!

In order not to further boost the already strained living conditions in low-wage and emerging countries, we would like to ask for your understanding that in the case of outsourcing departments to low-wage countries (esp. East Asia and parts of South America), we must calculate, at our reasonable discretion, on the basis of the equivalent of the original country or the headquarters on whose behalf trading is taking place.


Furthermore, we do not want to destroy jobs whose existence secures the livelihood of many thousands of people. Therefore, we will only make available our AI agents from a minimum wage equivalent to 5.00 EUR per hour. 

In case we should identify violations of this, we will immediately cancel the subscription without notice and any payments already made will be withheld.


Costs for individual customizing:

Companies are as different as their (sector-)specific requirements. Our AI-Agents are already equipped with a multitude of configurations our customer can use to adopt our solution to their needs. Should this not suffice, the immense advantage of Artificial Intelligence comes into play: compared to conventional software solutions AI can literally be taught in everything. 

This means that the boundaries of technical feasibility are only confined by what we as humans can imagine.

So, if you want to put your idea into practice please contact us. We will gladly support you and will put our imagination to your disposal. Together we will find a suitable solution for implementing your idea. This is our promise!

Via our store and in addition to subscriptions, you can also purchase customizing packages according to your requirements (3, 5 and 10 days). The daily rate is 1,890.00 EUR.

Annual price adjustment:

We annually adjust all subscriptions upwards by 1.5%.


The commission is made via our online store in form of a subscription model. As for the subscription model you can chose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual terms. In addition to the monthly due costs we charge non-recurring costs of provisioning of 1,490.00 EUR per AI-Agent.

For existing customers the provisioning time is within a few hours and 3-4 days for new customers.

You can find our store at

Payment is possible with wire transfer.


Termination / Procedure of subscription

We will inform you regularly and in due time before the expiration of a subscription about the current remaining terms via the ordering email address.

With the expiring of a subscription the processing by our AI-Agents ends automatically with expiration date plus 1 working day. A special cancellation is not required! 


If the subscription has expired unknowingly or a subsequent payment has been declined, the subscription will end automatically as if it had expired.

14 days after expiration you have the option to reactivate and continue the subscription. 

15 days after expiration we automatically delete the provision of AI agents. If you wish to continue after 15 days, the provisioning fee for the affected AI-Agent(s) will be due once again.

28 days after the expiration of the last remaining subscription per customer number, the individual customizing is automatically deleted, and the customer number is permanently closed. This means that a desired continuation is no longer possible, and you will be considered as completely new customer.